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Healing Modalities





Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®)

  • Dolores Cannon developed and perfected this unique method of hypnosis over several decades and thousands of sessions.
  • For more information about QHHT (separate website)
  • Cost: $125


  • Reiki Is a Japanese concept translated as “Universal Life Energy.”
  • A Reiki Healer uses gentle touch and the energy of Divine Love to support physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for herself and others.
  • Reiki is a spiritual healing modality which works well with virtually all conventional and complementary healing methods.
  • Cost: $45


  • Traditional Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Thai Foot Reflexology
  • Cost: $45

Esoteric Healing

  • This type of healing work uses the energy field and is known as "esoteric" healing, meaning "hidden" until studied in greater depth. The existence of the energy field and its use in healing has its roots in ancient healing practices.
  • Cost: $45

Trance Healing Mediumship

  • Trance healing shares many of the qualities of Reiki and Spiritual Healing but the main difference is in the conscious state of the healer.
  • Medium - sensitive to vibrations from the spirit world
  • Spiritual Healing - complementary to traditional medicine.  Not a substitute for following the advised of a licensed medical practitioner.
  • Cost: $45
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